The course is aimed at everyone from young adults to older individuals and both male and female participants but The Fighting Chances main aim is to help those who might find it more difficult to find work and would benefit most from this type of programme.

We particularly want to work with Ex Offenders, NEET’s (young people not in education, employment or training) , people with health conditions that make it more difficult to find work, those who have served in the Armed Forces/ veterans , care leavers and also young people that are involved or at risk of being involved in gang activity.

Using the sport of boxing and all its training ,techniques and preparation we aim to instil all its core values in programme participants: Pride, Self control, Respect for oneself and others ,Camaraderie, Teamwork and Discipline.

Our programme connects unemployed people with employers and jobs via a course that is fun and engaging – whilst equipping them with tools and skills which are useable and relevant for their transition into sustainable employment.

Candidates will have full support from their Employability Coach until they have moved into work or made real progress up the employability ladder.

Please contact us on 020 3005 2866 or 07961 697 433 for further information
or email us using our contact form.