Tara was referred to us by Working Chance a not for profit organisation that works with female Ex Offenders. Tara was a very friendly and enthusiastic participant from the start and really enjoyed the boxing training. She had Childcare so was looking for family friendly hours and also had begun to set up a sports therapy business.

We referred Tara to one of our partners Urban MBA for help with her business plan and at the same time we were also able to get her an interview slot with Waitrose.

Closer to her interview we also arranged for one of their Senior Managers to do a prep session which she said really helped her be ready for her interview.

We are pleased to say Tara is now working at Waitrose ,doing hours that allow for Childcare whilst successfully continuing with her business.

83% of hospital trusts are now Veteran accredited; I want to get that to 100% by the next election.

Delighted to visit the brilliant people at @GSTTnhs and see the programmes @VeteransGovUK and partners have initiated and designed changing lives. See what it means 👇

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