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Engage, motivate, change, achieve

Coaches are on hand during training and support participants through one-to-ones, and a full analysis of their needs. Beyond the physical training element of the programme bespoke support is available on a one-to-one basis. This ensures participants are provided with a personalised approach to their health, wellbeing & employment needs. Our support includes:

  • Providing focussed advice tailored to your needs
  • Specialist information and advice to prepare you for finding work
  • Full assessment of personal development, preferred employment outcomes, and individual skills and aspirations

Our programmes make practical use of the core boxing principles: discipline, teamwork, self-control, self-respect and gets participants engaged and motivated. It’s also great fun!

Boxing Training A study conducted by the Walker Research Group showed boxing training can be used as a vehicle to influence behavioural change. Boxing is a sport that teaches values and skills such as discipline, mental strength, control and the ability to take personal responsibility.  These are all skills that can be used to overcome social and individual problems.
It’s much more than boxing!

Health & Wellbeing

It starts with feeling better: focussing on strengths and breaking down barriers 

Employability support

Tailored to individual needs and available for up to 12 months

Practical support

Personalised support including: one-to one help, advice, guidance; CV & application writing, and interview preparation.

Quality support

We don’t do generic work – we develop impactful, personalised support that makes a difference
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