We deliver sport based health & wellbeing & employability programmes

Our approach is successful. Our concept is unique: linking the disciplines of boxing training with finding employment.

It starts with feeling better.


The Fighting Chance in action

Watch the short video, see what we do and the impact we have.

The Fighting Chance

delivers unique and effective health & wellbeing and employability programmes using sport and boxing training to get people feeling better and get back into work.

Our mission

is to support those most disadvantaged in the labour market through motivation, better health & wellbeing and employability.

We engage and inspire while offering personalised support that change lives.

Our team

have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver. We’ve worked together since 2015 to build, launch, and grow the organisation.

Simply put we get results


In Work


In Work or Training


Improved wellbeing

What’s the best thing about the fighting chance?


Health, wellbeing, employability.

We don’t do generic work – we develop impactful, personalised support that makes a difference

Our Services and Programmes

We offer a range of programmes and experiences including:

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The Fighting Chance