Rob's story

Our success is measured by your success

Rob is an ex-army veteran and spent a long time posted overseas.

When he left the army, he found he was on his own and lacking the support network that he previously relied on and found himself struggling to cope with Civilian life. During our programmes we get to know our participants and we discovered Rob had been through quite a lot: following his army service he developed substance misuse problems and became homeless. Luckily he was supported by Veterans Aid and they referred him to us for additional support.


Exercise and sport can really help people coming out of recovery. Rob excelled on the boxing course and often told us how much he was enjoying the course – not just the boxing training but the camaraderie too.


We discussed work options and decided that straight into a job was not the best option for him as he would benefit from moving towards that goal in stages. Rob had previously gone straight into work despite the fact he was finishing his treatment programme and had ended up losing the job very quickly.

In conjunction with Rob and Veterans Aid we decided that the first step was to get him onto a training course – He was interested in a career in Construction so we referred him to a CSCS course as a first step.

Rob was one of the most popular and enthusiastic participants we have ever had on the course and he has proved he is a real Champion.