The mission of The Fighting Chance is to get people back into work through sport, boxing training and individual employability support.

The Fighting Chance is determined to get people back into work by providing motivational sport and employability programmes for those furthest from the labour market. We draw on the benefits of boxing training to engage and inspire while offering personalised support that change lives.


A future where the possibilities and opportunities for finding work are the same for everyone regardless of the barriers they face.


I set up the The Fighting Chance in 2015 after working for 20 years in employability and recruitment. My passion was getting people back into work but I often found there was a lack of support on offer for those people with complex needs who were a long way from the labour market.

I developed an interest in boxing and became a member of Islington Boxing Club in 2004. I experienced and witnessed the incredible and positive changes boxing training could bring and the progress people made.

It was clear sport and boxing could provide real social value by helping people improve their physical & mental health, and their individual development. I realised the core principles of boxing training: discipline, teamwork, self-control, self-respect gets people engaged and motivated. So, I set about developing a programme that linked the motivating power of sporting activity and training with intensive and personalised employability support.

I’m delighted at the impact The Fighting Chance has had on so many people in just 3 years. We’ve seen them get back into work, training and set up their own business. We’ve seen them get to grips with their barriers to finding work. We’ve witnessed the boxing training inspire people and bring about positive life changes.

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people achieve their goals.


Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand

Nelson Mandela

25 May 2000

The Fighting Chance is 3 years old!
Thank you to everyone that helped along the way.
We have run 10 programmes since 2015 supporting 146 men & women that have barriers to work. 50% have moved into work -nearly 70% into work or training.
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Bart and Imran from The Fighting Chance at the Queen’s Birthday Rehearsal. Thanks Big Vern for arranging.

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