Imran Khalil

Formed the Fighting Chance in 2015 after 18 years working in recruitment and employability.

He has organised job events for large and small employers across Central London and specialised programmes in conjunction with the Met Police Integrated Gangs Unit and the Armed Forces.

Imran is passionate about boxing but also about helping people achieve their best and to realise their potential.

Imran has 2 years experience of running boxing based classes in a fitness based setting and is qualified boxing tutor and first aider – He is also a long standing member of Islington Boxing Club

He has an in-depth understanding of the barriers faced by people when trying to find work and brings his enthusiasm and experience to deliver the employability section of the programme and ongoing support.

Nick Abbott

Joined The Fighting Chance to assist with the running and operational side of the charity. Nick started his career in recruitment and has also been involved in helping boxers and fighters get the financial support they need in their career.

Nick is an avid fan of both boxing and mixed martial arts and believes that you can enjoy what the training has to offer no matter your ability or exercise past. Nick also gets involved with The Fighting Chances social media channels to make people more aware of what we are trying to achieve.